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Coffee Sampler Includes

1 x 230 g bag of Brazil Santos whole beans

1 x 230g bag of Mexico Veracruz whole beans


$20 Delivered


Brazil Santos

This offering is from the Santos region in southern Brazil.   This coffee is easy drinking as it is a soft and smooth coffee that is light it is on the palate.  This makes an excellent choice for those who enjoy milk and sugar in their cup.  At its best as a drip coffee, it also makes for a delightful single-origin espresso with a pleasant chocolatey nuance and a great crema.


Mexico Veracruz

Various high-quality exceptional coffees are produced in Mexico, and they are typically wet-processed.  We are excited to roast this offering from Veracruz.  Veracruz is a coastal, southeastern state on the Gulf of Mexico. It was the first state discovered and conquered by the Spaniards back in the 1500’s. Its history is as rich, complex and intense as the land itself, along with the coffee beans grown in this region.


We absolutely love the profile of Veracruz – think spiced soft fruit and rich chocolate.


We are in pursuit of the finest coffee beans. Our process ensures only the best quality, Specialty Grade coffee is selected. Freshness is key.

We roast in small batches to control all stages of the roasting process ensuring a consistent cup.  We ship each order within 48 hours of roasting to bring you the freshest coffee possible.


Brazil and Mexico Coffee Bean Sampler

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