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This is an SHG EP grade washed coffee from the estate of producer Francis Garcia located in the town of Agua Fria in the San Sebastian district of the Lempira region in Honduras. With harvests generally taking place from December to March, growing altitude at the estate is around 1800 masl and crop is comprised of Catuai and Caturra varieties. Coffee undergoes an 18 - 24 hr fermentation before drying on raised beds


Hints of Candied Strawberry, Apricots, Big Syrupy Body, Balanced Acidity.


We are in pursuit of the finest coffee beans. Our process ensures only the best quality, Specialty Grade coffee is selected. Freshness is key.

We roast in small batches to control all stages of the roasting process ensuring a consistent cup.  We ship each order within 48 hours of roasting to bring you the freshest coffee possible.


Send the coffee lover in your life a coffee gift box.  Purchase any coffee bean variety and add a gift box for $6.95 to your order.  We'll roast your beans fresh, wrap them up, and send it to your special person.  Add a free personalised note too.

Honduras Garcia

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