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Huehuetenango coffee is grown in the highland regions of northern Guatemala. Growing altitude is 1600 -1700 masl. Coffee from this region is considered the best in the country overall. Amazing fragrance of caramel and cocoa with a slight nuttiness. Roasted medium dark with cupping notes exhibiting a mild citrus brightness and dark chocolate sweet toffee flavour. Full bodied, bright and pleasant and finishes with a light smokiness. Versatile in all coffee applications. Ideal for a morning cup.

We are in pursuit of the finest coffee beans. Our process ensures only the best quality, Specialty Grade coffee is selected. Freshness is key. We roast in small batches to control all stages of the roasting process ensuring a consistent cup. We ship each order within 48 hours of roasting to bring you the freshest coffee possible.

Guatemala Huehuetenango