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Another offering from the birthplace of coffee.   These coffees are well known for their body and acidity. Djimmah is grown in the Illubabor and Kaffa regions of Ethiopia at elevations from 4,400 to 6,000 feet above sea level within the biggest catchment area in Ethiopia, an area that produces and exports about 60,000 tons of coffee each year. Djimmah is also called Jimma Coffee. A unique coffee thought to be the variety closest in flavour to the original wild plant. This is an ideal climate and the plants are well protected by the larger forest trees which provide shade from the midday sun and preserve the moisture in the soil.

Coffee from Ethiopia is known for its bright fruited and floral flavours. These coffees typically have a higher acidity, light to medium body and complex flavour notes.

The beans are naturally processed. Roasted to a medium, offers an intense sweetness with wine-like notes. Baker's chocolate with a rich body, deeply aromatic with a complex earthy finish.


We are in pursuit of the finest coffee beans. Our process ensures only the best quality, Specialty Grade coffee is selected. Freshness is key. We roast in small batches to control all stages of the roasting process ensuring a consistent cup. We ship each order within 48 hours of roasting to bring you the freshest coffee possible.


Send the coffee lover in your life a coffee gift box.  Purchase any coffee bean variety and add a gift box for $6.95 to your order.  We'll roast your beans fresh, wrap them up, and send it to your special person.  Add a free personalised note too.

Ethiopia Djimmah

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